Idit Harel, PhD
CEO & Founder
Gazelle Consulting LLC


Being a Case Study for Atlantic Live

Sep 12, 2014
Yesterday, I participated at the Atlantic Live Annual Conference in DC on Technologies in Education (@AtlanticLive). The Atlantic Magazine is gathering the world's top thinkers and leaders in politics, business, technology, education, global affairs--to engage the most influential audiences.  I was interviewed by Newsweek's Matt Cooper (@mattizcoop) on my work as an entrepreneur to inspire and fix the education system. Among other things I said, "If we want children to learn new and hard concepts, we need to make learning fun. Play is the lure. Making a creative playable game is the science." We also reached the conclusion that technology is the new pencil and therefore coding is the new writing. Learning how game media and software apps are made is the new literacy. Kids are not fully literate by just learning how to read or play games. They must learn how to make them. Watch the full interview here. We received many great responses on Twitter:   Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.06.32 PM

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