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The Atlantic’s Technologies in Education 2014: Case Study

American Ed TV Interview at ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit

Globaloria students, Geraldine A., Daniela L. and Michelle R. M., from The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria are recipients of the ESA LOFT Video Game Innovation Fellowship – Venturebeat

Skoll World Forum 2014: Q&A With Idit Harel

Idit Harel recognized as accomplished and promising innovator who applies trans-disciplinary approaches in her work and daily life to further the study and application of disruptive innovation.

Skoll World Forum 2013: Blended Learning: The Proof and the Promise – Idit Harel, Salman Khan, Sandy Speicher, Stacey Brewer, Debra Dunn

Games for Change Festival 2014: Gender Inequality in Games: Beyond the Grim Statistics

Idit Harel leads a leadership conversation on games and gender with game rockstar & best selling author Jane McGonigal & Constance Steinkuehler, co-director of the Games+Learning+Society Center & former senior policy analyst for the White House.

ATLAS Speaker Series: Idit Harel on Education Technology Today

Idit Harel Caperton discussed educational technology ideas such as Constructionist MOOCs, Schools-in-the-Cloud and how to design scalable technologies that can disrupt school systems to support innovation-ready citizens during an ATLAS Speaker Series presentation on Sept. 30, 2013.

Future of Education: Idit Harel Caperton on “Constructionism, Social Learning, Web 2.0, Seymour Papert, and More”

NYU Steinhardt: The Program in Educational Communication & Technology Annual Fall Event, moderated by Professor Ricki Goldman

Games for Change Festival 2011: Understanding the Landscape with Idit Harel, Alan Gershenfeld, Colleen Macklin, Michael Agustin

AMD Workshop 2011: Understanding the Landscape from Games for Change on Vimeo.

DLDwomen 2010: Women on a Mission

Women Leaders: Steffi Czerny (Host), Dr. Joana Breidenbach, Suhua Newton, Jehmu Greene, Konstanze Frischen, Juliana Rotich, Mitchell Baker, Isabel Maxwell, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton (Moderator)

Digital Learning and Design Conference: YouTube interview with Idit Harel

Watch World Wide Workshop Foundation President, Dr. Idit Harel discussing Globaloria at the DLD Conference in Munich.