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  • Globaloria
    Since 2006, Globaloria provides groundbreaking learning network online with game-design courses that are empowering students to become thoughtful producers, not just consumers, of complex digital content using industry-standard tools. Globaloria makes STEM and computing education engaging and fun. Find us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • World Wide Workshop Foundation
    Since 2004, the World Wide Workshop Foundation mission is to be a leading education technology innovation incubator. It has been developing applications for learning with technology that combines game mechanics and social networking to empower youth to be inventors and leaders in the global knowledge economy. To learn more about the World Wide Workshop, visit Press Archive and Newsletter Archive.
  • MaMaMedia Consulting Group
    During 2002-04, MaMaMedia established an edtech consulting firm that specializes in developing applications for companies and organizations worldwide to help them establish online communities, dynamic software, multimedia websites and games for enriching children’s learning and development.
  • MaMaMedia, Inc. was the first of its kind media company born on the internet. It was pioneering a large, original software application for kids’ creative and playful learning with Internet technology. Children were taught how to create digital media, stories, animations, characters, explore the Internet in a safe environment, and express themselves online. MaMaMedia had special programs for parents to learn with their children at home, and for teachers to use MaMaMedia in the classroom. It won many awards in recognition during 1995 to 2002.


  • MIT Media Laboratory
    The MIT Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology devoted to projects at the convergence of technology, multimedia, science, art and design. I conducted research towards my PhD at the Media Lab, and after my graduation, stayed for 6 years (my first job) as research scientist and lecturer.
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
    The mission of the Harvard Graduate School of Education is to prepare leaders in education and to generate knowledge to improve student opportunity, achievement, and success. It seeks to accomplish this mission by operating at the nexus of practice, policy, and research. I did two Masters degrees in education technology and human development at HGSE and my learning research at the Education Technology Center (ETC).


Over the past two decades, I have served on the following advisory boards:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation Overseeing Committee for the Media Laboratory
  • City University of NY (CUNY) Macaulay Honors College Advisory Board
  • PBS-Kids, Next Generation Media Advisory Board
  • Games for Change
  • Tribeca Film Institute, New Media Fund, Advisory Council
  • Tribeca Disruptive Foundation Fellow
  • Harvard University Visiting Committee for the Graduate School of Education (service concluded)
  • ATLAS, Advisory Board for the University of Colorado Alliance for Technology Learning and Society (service concluded)
  • National Center for Women and IT (NCWIT) (service concluded)
  • Digital Learning Now! National Advisory Board (service concluded)
    Initiative of Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Bob Wise to advance policies that will create a high-quality digital learning environment in all the nation’s schools
  • Unleashing Education Innovation, National Leadership Advisory, Harvard University Graduate School of Education and Center for Public Leadership at Kennedy School (service concluded)
  • Alliance for Excellence in Education Digital Learning and Technology Advisory Council (service concluded)
  • TIG, Taking it Global (Internet Youth Network) Advisory Board (service concluded)
  • MEET, MIT Middle East Education with Technology (service concluded)
  • CBP-STEM, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Advisory Board (service concluded)
  • CAMP (Kyoto-based technology and learning research foundation) (service concluded)
  • Liberty Science Center, New Jersey (service concluded)
  • OLPC, One Laptop Per Child Association (service concluded)
  • Saybot LLC, Shanghai, China, Founding Advisory Board (service concluded)
  • East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China (service concluded)
  • Beijing Normal University (BNU), Beijing, China (service concluded)